Always ahead of time,

staying permanently.

Welcome to Lenox Promotion & Consulting.

We realize projects for tomorrow. Those from yesterday stay an adventure.

We are your competent partner in marketing and sales all about beauty, fragrances and luxurious lifestyle-goods.
Based on a precise sales system we bundle our knowledge and our experience within the area promotion,
consulting as well as distribution. We consult our customers with regards to contents and organization questions.
Together we realize projects of highest quality and follow trends and set new ones.

LENOX Promotion & Consulting - Ihr Partner im Bereich Marketing und Vertrieb     

Additional and mutual appreciation

that’s our company culture. Successful distribution is not a coincidence but planning, strategy, discipline and transformation. Successful distribution needs rituals and impulse. We see ourselves as an impulse transmitter, who will help you, to set up a sales structure to choose the right and best distributive channel and to check the sales processes. This all reflects our profession that is coined through our knowledge, creativity and intuition. Let us persuade you of our work.

We will help you.


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Lenox Promotion&Consulting GmbH
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